Fossil Fuels Climate Lobbying Update:
October 2022

November 2022

An overview of the corporate lobbying detected by InfluenceMap related to oil, fossil gas, and methane for the month of October 2022.

North America

Division between oil/gas sector and utility sector on building electrification

At the close of the public comment period in early October for the Department of Energy’s consumer furnace energy efficiency proposal, InfluenceMap found contrasting positions from the oil and gas industry on the proposed rule update. Opposition was led by the American Gas Association (AGA) while utilities demonstrated support, including in joint letters submitted by California utilities, including Edison International, and another group that included Avangrid.


Fossil fuel sector appears unsupportive of ambitious reform of the Safeguard Mechanism

Analysis undertook by InfluenceMap in October 2022 of the submissions to the consultation on the Safeguard Mechanism Reforms show how the Australian fossil fuel sector has in general been highly engaged yet unsupportive of ambitious reform of the policy. This included, but was not limited to, oppositional responses by the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) and the Minerals Council of Australia.


Lobbying battle on fossil fuel phase-out in the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

InfluenceMap has identified an intense lobbying battle taking place over fossil fuel phase-out in the EU Energy Performance of Building Directive. A broad spectrum of companies and industry associations advocated in favor of a fossil fuel phase-out, including Iberdrola calling for higher ambition, and opposition from fossil gas companies, such as PGE Group, advocating for a continued role for fossil gas heating systems.


Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association ramps up regional advocacy around increase in fossil gas infrastructure

InfluenceMap has detected increased activity from the Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA) in September and October 2022. In October 2022, ANGEA CEO Paul Everingham led ANGEA in a visit to meet with the Royal Thai Government and the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry. This appears to have coincided with an increase in communications from the association regarding the need for Thailand to invest in its fossil gas infrastructure. ANGEA’s advocacy activities appear to focus on promoting fossil gas all over the Asia region, with a particular focus on employing discourse around energy poverty and accessibility in Asia and the role of fossil gas as a ‘partner’ to renewables.

For more information on corporate engagement with methane regulation, please see InfluenceMap’s Methane Platform.

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