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Access LobbyMap's company and industry association profiles and metrics, and investigate regional, policy and sector-based climate policy engagement trends in real time by exploring the LobbyMap Platforms

Japan Platform

InfluenceMap’s Japan platform tracks the real-time climate policy engagement of Japan's 20 largest companies, alongside 50 key industry associations. The platform provides critical information on key entities, their influencing strategies and the impact of this activity at a policy level.

USA Platform (Beta Version)

InfluenceMap’s USA platform tracks the real-time climate policy engagement of over 130 of the US's largest companies, alongside 25 key industry associations. The platform provides critical information on corporate engagement with climate policy in the United States. The platform is under development, with this Beta version available for use in the short term.

Latest Reports

US Heavy-Duty Transport & Climate Change

December 2022

New research finds that US truck manufacturers are actively lobbying to weaken and delay key US climate policies promoting zero-emission trucks, while simultaneously running PR campaigns that appear to promote the decarbonization of the sector.

Japanese Industry Groups and Climate Policy

November 2022

Heavy industry groups along with the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) dominate Japan's climate agenda. Their staunch opposition to policies like carbon taxation and continued advocacy for thermal fossil power is disconnected from their own support of the government's 2050 net zero target, an...

Fossil Fuels Climate Lobbying Update:
October 2022

November 2022

An overview of the corporate lobbying detected by InfluenceMap related to oil, fossil gas, and methane for the month of October 2022.

Live Lobbying Updates

LobbyMap updates its assessment of companies and industry associations on a weekly basis. Live lobbying updates provide key updates of how these organizations are attempting to influence climate-related policy debates in real-time.

Maersk advocates for measures promoting green hydrogen in shipping

25 November 2022

In a November 14th joint letter, Maersk supported infrastructure and investments to support the use of green hydrogen in shipping and advocated for a 5% zero-emissions fuel target by 2030 to be established through the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The letter also urged the IMO to set 2030 and 2040 GHG emissions reduction targets.

Queensland Resources Council launches ad campaign against Australian coal royalty hikes

25 November 2022

Queensland Resources Council has launched a series of ad campaigns targeting the Queensland government’s decision to increase royalties on the coal sector, as reported in a November 23rd article by the Canberra Times. CEO Ian Macfarlane called for the government to reconsider the royalty hike, arguing that the “short-sighted decision” posed a risk to future investment and employment.

BusinessEurope stresses ambition gap after COP27

25 November 2022

BusinessEurope’s leadership stressed the ambition gap between the EU and other countries after COP27 on November 17th and 22nd. Director General Markus J. Beyrer advocated for higher ambition, whilst stating that the EU’s target is “already very high” and stressing burdens on the region. President Fredrik Persson stated that the ambition gap had widened, yet supported implementing binding domestic legislation to achieve climate targets. The President supported 100 billion dollars in climate finance and the Director General supported the agreement on a loss and damage fund.