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Climate Policy Engagement Overview: The Asia Natural Gas and Energy Association (ANGEA) displays negative positions on the transition of the energy mix in Asia Pacific, but has limited engagement with other elements of climate policy in the region. ANGEA appears to contradict its own high-level support for the Paris Agreement, by promoting unabated natural gas as a ‘key transition fuel’ without a clear phaseout date or conditions for CCS and methane abatement measures.

Top-line Messaging on Climate Policy: InfluenceMap found limited evidence of ANGEA’s top-line messaging on climate policy. In a social media post published in April 2022, ANGEA showed mixed support for the ‘global climate goals as established by the Paris Agreement’., by directly following up with a statement on natural gas as a ‘key transition fuel’ without placing conditions on the need for CCS or methane abatement measures

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations: ANGEA disclosed on its corporate website that its aim is to ‘work constructively with governments, society and industry’ to develop energy policies. However, it does not provide specific detail on engagement with specific items of national or regional legislation.

Positioning on Energy Transition: ANGEA takes a negative position on the energy mix in the Asia Pacific region, by strongly advocating for the long-term role of unabated fossil gas, including support for investment in new fossil gas infrastructure, while also stating high-level support for an increased role for renewables.

ANGEA appears to support a transition away from coal in the energy mix, but in a way that appears to favor fossil gas over a full transition to renewable energy sources. It does not outline clear conditions relating to CCS or methane abatement measures as outlined in IPCC-aligned pathways when making statements regarding fossil gas. On the ANGEA website, Chairman Nigel Hearne states that fossil gas is ‘accelerating the displacement of coal’ and appears to support fossil gas as a solution for increasing energy demand. In October 2021 at the 10th LNG Producer Consumer Conference, ANGEA’s Chairman Nigel Hearne advocated for ‘intensive regional infrastructure development’ for LNG in the Asia Pacific region, including ‘the construction of natural gas and power plants terminals and pipelines’.

ANGEA appears to support the increased role of fossil gas in the energy mix of numerous countries in the Asia Pacific region. In February 2022, ANGEA Chairman Hearne stated support for the Australian government’s ‘Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Commodity Report’ which encouraged new trade and investment in Australia’s LNG sector. In December 2021, ANGEA Chairman Hearne published an op-ed in The Jakarta Post and the Viet Nam News, stating that ‘natural gas must be part of the energy transition plans those countries are considering’. In a ‘Gas Policy Brief’ on Vietnam published on its website, last accessed in June 2022, ANGEA comments on Vietnam’s 8th National Power Development Plan (PDP8) and stated that ‘more investment in domestic gas infrastructure will be required’ to increase the role of fossil gas in Vietnam’s energy mix.

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