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Climate Lobbying Overview: Smart Energy Europe (SmartEn) is strategically engaged and supportive of greater ambition in EU climate policy, advocating strongly in favor of energy efficiency and renewable energy policy, renewable-based electrification and the reduction of fossil fuels in the energy mix.

Top-Line Messaging on Climate Policy: SmartEn’s top-line messaging around climate policy has been positive. In a May 2022 letter to the EU Commission President, SmartEn stated its support for the EU’s climate neutrality goals and welcomed the EU’s commitment to phase out Russian gas and coal. SmartEn has supported the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package, welcoming it in a position paper published in November 2021 and calling for ‘ambitious and effective’ package in a May 2022 joint letter with the Corporate Leaders Group. The association has been supportive of the Paris Agreement, demonstrated in its participation in the same joint letter with the Corporate Leaders Group in May 2022 and supported the re-entry of the US into the Paris Agreement in April 2021.

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations: SmartEn has advocated positively for climate policies and regulations. It supported a carbon border adjustment mechanism in the EU in a 2021 joint letter, and an increase in ambition for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in a joint position paper published in June 2021.

SmartEn has been strongly supportive of energy efficiency policies in its consultation responses to the EU. In February 2021, it strongly supported the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive, advocating for a stronger emissions target of 55%, and in March 2022 it advocated in favor of a more ambitious Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, including stronger definitions for net-zero buildings and minimum performance standards. SmartEn Executive Director Michael Villa supported the inclusion of demand-side management targets in the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive in a 2023 open letter to the Council of the EU.

In February 2021, SmartEn advocated in consultation responses to the EU Commission for increased ambition in the revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive and in January 2021 advocated for state aid rules that support renewable energy generation. In November 2021, the association submitted a consultation response supporting the Renewable Energy Directive, calling for additional sector-specific renewable energy sub-targets, and signed a joint paper stating for higher ambition on the directive to not be reduced during negotiations.

SmartEn has been supportive of greenhouse gas emissions standards, supporting the EU's 100% emission reduction targets for cars and vans by 2035 in a 2021 position paper. It also supported the EU's increased 2030 Climate Target and advocated for a 50% emissions reduction target in the US, in an April 2021 joint letter.

Positioning on Energy Transition: SmartEn has consistently advocated for greater ambition in the transition of the EU energy mix. In a 2023 position paper, it supported more ambitious regulations to introduce electric vehicles charging infrastructure, and in a June 2021 consultation response, the entity supported higher ambition for the EU’s Hydrogen and Gas Decarbonization Package, calling for phase-out of unabated fossil gas. Additionally, in a November 2021 consultation response, it supported favorable taxation for renewable-based electrification in the Energy Taxation Directive. In its consultation response to the revision of Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, submitted in March 2022, the association supported the electric vehicles charging requirements in the directive.

The association supported the REPowerEU demand reduction plan in a 2022 paper published in 2023 and advocated for greater demand-side flexibility to mitigate energy supply shocks. SmartEn directly advocated for policymakers to transition to a carbon-neutral economy in the Smart Sector Integration Strategy in May 2021.

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