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Climate Lobbying Overview: The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) appears to be negatively lobbying against climate policy.

Top-line Messaging on Climate Policy: AMEC’s top-line messaging on climate policy appears to be wholly negative. In a September 2019 submission, it reiterated its position that Australian climate policy should not "disadvantage trade exposed industries... in comparison to international competitors". Furthermore, in a consultation response in October 2019, it stated support for Kyoto carry over credits, which compromise the ambition of the Paris Agreement.

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations: On specific climate policies, AMEC appears to have shown fairly limited engagement. In an April 2022 Mining Weekly article, AMEC was reported to have “applauded” Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s promise to halt carbon taxes on the Australian mining sector should he be re-elected in 2022, with CEO Warren Pearce stating that it “commits to maintaining the strength of the mining industry”. AMEC shows limited transparency in its disclosures over its climate policies – only its most recent submissions and media releases are readily accessible on its website. However, a report from October 2019 reported that AMEC had lobbied for the repeal of the carbon tax and the reinstatement of the diesel fuel tax credit for the mining industry and in the same year it submitted a consultation response where it appears to have strongly opposed ambitious EPA Greenhouse Gas Guidelines that would have required large facilities to offset their emissions. Similarly, in a separate 2019 submission it appears to oppose an increase in Australian climate ambition, arguing that to provide investor certainty, Australia's weak 2030 GHG emissions standards should not be raised.

Positioning on Energy Transition: AMEC appears to have a mixed position on the transition of the energy mix - as representatives of companies in the lithium-ion battery supply chain, it has lobbied for government policy to develop this industry in Australia in a 2018 report. However, in AMEC's 2019 Federal Policy Platform, it advocated to retain the current diesel fuel tax credit, a fossil fuel subsidy, and in June 2020 appears to still support a continued role for coal in the energy mix. Notably, in April 2020, a letter from Warren Pearce, CEO of AMEC, to Shaun Ferris, Department of Natural Resources AMEC advocated "fast-tracking" brownfield coal development to support economic recovery from Covid-19.

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