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Climate Lobbying Overview: WindEurope appears to be actively lobbying the EU on energy and climate change policy, with strongly supportive positions. The organization has also been strongly supportive of the energy transition from fossil fuels towards renewables.

Top-line Messaging on Climate Policy: The association’s top-line messaging on climate policy is, on the whole, strongly positive. In 2020, WindEurope submitted a response to the consultation on EU climate law, which sets a target of climate neutrality by 2050 in the EU, and stated that the association would support such a target. This support has been echoed in the organization’s position paper on offshore renewable energy, and by the CEO Giles Dickson on Twitter, in 2020. Alongside this, WindEurope is also supportive of the need for climate change regulation, as it appeared to advocate for more climate regulation in Europe, in context of increasing global action, on its corporate website in 2019.

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations:WindEurope’s overall engagement with climate-related regulations in the EU appears to be strongly positive. In its 2021 position paper on climate neutrality, the association appeared to be supportive of an EU carbon border adjustment mechanism, although it did not specify conditions for the removal of existing exemptions under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Furthermore, in WindEurope’s 2021 EU consultation response on amendments to the EU ETS, it advocated for an increase in ambition in the EU ETS, by supporting an expansion of the scope to include maritime sector, a reduction in support for hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, an increase in the Linear Reduction Factor and removal of free allowances to increase the scheme’s effectiveness. The organization has also suggested support for linking the EU ETS to a new UK ETS following Brexit, stated by both the CEO in a joint statement in 2020 and in a joint letter to EU and UK policymakers in 2021 signed by WindEurope.

WindEurope has stated support for the EU’s Renovation Wave strategy in a joint statement as part of the Electrification Alliance in 2020. WindEurope seems to have strongly supported the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED), advocating for an increase in ambition and upward revision in the EU’s 2030 renewable energy targets on several occasions, including in the Electrification Alliance’s EU consultation response on RED and Energy Efficiency Directive in 2020 and in the organization’s 2021 position paper on reaching climate neutrality. WindEurope is supportive of the EU’s 2030 55% GHG emissions reduction target, as stated in its its 2020 EU consultation response on climate ambition for 2030 and its 2020 position paper on offshore renewable energy.

Positioning on Energy Transition: WindEurope appears to have strongly advocated for the transition of the energy mix, particularly supporting renewable electrification and renewable hydrogen. In 2020, the organization stated support for numerous EU policies that aim to aid the energy transition such as the Alternative Fuels Directive, Energy Taxation Directive, TEN-E regulation revision, and the Hydrogen Strategy all in support and advocated for increased ambition for alignment with other EU decarbonization objectives. For example, alignment of TEN-E regulation revision with the EU’s 2030 GHG emission reduction target and 2050 climate neutrality target. Notably, in a range of direct consultations with the EU Commission in 2020 and a 2021 joint position paper, WindEurope supported an increase in zero-emission transport infrastructure, a reduction in subsidy support for fossil fuels, including a reduction in support for natural gas, whilst advocating for greater support for hydrogen produced by renewable energy in hard-to-abate sectors.