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Climate Lobbying Overview: Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA (Norwegian) has limited and mixed engagement with European climate legislation for aviation in 2019-21. While Norwegian appears supportive of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, it has also supported the repeal of a Norwegian ticket tax for aviation and remains a member of Airlines for Europe (A4E), which is actively lobbying against key strands of climate legislation for aviation in the EU.

Top-line Messaging on Climate Policy: In 2020, Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA stated support for limiting global warming to 1.5°C as part of its 2020-23 Environmental Sustainability Strategy. Furthermore, a Norwegian Twitter post in 2021 appeared to support a 2050 net-zero target for European aviation. While in 2020 Norwegian’s CEO argued “taxes weaken airlines’ ability to further invest and also hurt consumers by making it more expensive to fly.”, its 2020-2023 Environmental Sustainability Strategy Report suggests support for some climate-related regulations. Norwegian does not appear to have communicated a clear position on the Paris Agreement.

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations: Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA appears to have limited engagement with European climate regulations for aviation. In its 2020-23 Sustainability Strategy, released in 2020, Norwegian takes an unclear position on blending mandates for sustainable aviation fuels. Similarly, while Norwegian references the EU ETS in its 2019 annual report, it does not take a clear position on the legislation. Norwegian has not clearly disclosed its positions or engagement with other key pieces of climate legislation for aviation on its website nor has it responded to the CDP’s 2020 request for information.

Positioning on Energy Transition: In 2020 Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA stated support for the repeal of the Norwegian ticket tax for aviation in a press release. It appears to have limited direct engagement with other policies relating to the energy transition.

Industry Association Governance: Norwegian does not appear to disclose a list of its industry associations memberships. It has not published a review of its industry association links to assess alignment with its own climate policy positions. Norwegian is a member of Airlines for Europe (A4E), which has actively lobbied against ambitious EU climate policy for aviation, including all environmental taxes for flights, and opposed the inclusion of aviation in the EU ETS.

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