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Are the Technology Giants Deploying Political Capital on Climate Change?

September, 2021

This report analyzes Big Tech’s climate policy influence since January 2021. Following the inauguration of a new, climate-focused administration in the US, alongside new warnings from the IPCC and IEA on the need for drastic climate action, one might expect to see an increase in US corporate climat...

Big Tech and Climate Policy

January, 2021

The five Big Tech companies (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook & Microsoft) account for more than 25% of the value of the S&P500 and 20% of its Q3 2020 profits.

Apple Scores an A for Climate Lobbying

April 2016

Research by InfluenceMap reveals the California based tech giant's pledges on the use of renewable energy are backed up by its calls to policy makers to push through ambitious climate change policy and legislation. Apple tops our current scoring with its recent support of ambitious climate policy a...