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08 November 2021

BP won't quit controversial US oil lobby. Its CEO explains why click here for full article

Channel 4

08 July 2021

Revealed: Facebook received millions for ads promoting fossil fuel Click for full article


05 August 2020

Japan's climate change efforts hindered by biased business lobby: study


23 June 2020

The Fed’s Coronavirus Spending On Fossil Fuel Could Dig A $19 Billion Money Pit


01 May 2020

Coronavirus stimulus money will be wasted on fossil fuels


13 April 2020

Republicans Are Planning to Use Coronavirus to Gut Renewable Energy


27 March 2020

Car industry calls for EU climate targets to be delayed due to Coronavirus click for full article


06 March 2020

Exxon lobbyists urged Commission to tune down car CO2 rules

The Independent

29 January 2020

How to be an ethical investor in 2020

The Guardian

18 October 2019

BHP under pressure over lobby group links


21 September 2019

US lobby groups dominate lust of most effective climate change action blockers


19 September 2019

Know Your Enemy: The World's Top 5 Climate Offenders


30 July 2019

Don’t ‘demonize’ energy firms: BP boss says climate activists should avoid polarizing society...

Rolling Stone

20 June 2019

Don’t Be Fooled by Fossil Fuel Companies’ Green Exterior...


07 June 2019

These senators are going after the biggest climate villains in Washington...

The Guardian

28 March 2019

Businesses should pay for climate crimes...

The Guardian

27 March 2019

The GOP’s enduring links to high-polluting industries...

The Independent

25 March 2019

Shell selling itself as green. Is it really?


25 March 2019

Oil And Gas Giants Spend Millions Lobbying To Block Climate Change Policies…

CBS News

25 March 2019

After Paris agreement, big oil and gas companies invested $110 billion in fossil fuels...

Le Monde

22 March 2019

Climate: Energy giants have spent $ 1 billion on lobbying since COP21...

Le Figaro

22 March 2019

Climat: les géants de l'énergie ont dépensé 1 milliard de dollar en lobbying...

Agence France-Presse (AFP)

22 March 2019

Climat : les géants de l’énergie ont dépensé un milliard de dollars en lobbying depuis la COP21…


20 March 2019

The Good, The Bad And The Blind Spot Of Corporate Sustainability Rankings