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Climate Lobbying Overview: Targa Resources (hereafter Targa) has low levels of engagement with climate-related policy and holds broadly negative positions. Targa has been particularly vocal in its support for the continued use of fossil gas on the basis of it being ‘low-carbon’. Targa also retains membership of industry associations which lobby negatively against climate change policies, including the American Petroleum Institute.

Top-line Messaging on Climate Policy: Targa appears to have limited top-line communications on climate policy. In its February 2022 annual SEC Filing, the organization recognized some of the science of climate change. In this report, the organization also acknowledged the costs associated with increasing attention to climate change, but did not take a position on the need for economy-wide GHG emissions reductions or the need for climate policy. In the same report, Targa acknowledged, but did not take a clear position on, the Paris Agreement.

Engagement with Climate-Related Regulations: Targa has limited engagement on climate-related regulation. In an annual SEC Filing published in February 2022, the entity acknowledged that an increase in regulation limiting GHG emissions would have an adverse impact on its revenues, but did not take a clear position on such policies. In lobbying disclosures from October 2022, the organization documented its engagement with legislation relating to carbon capture and limits on GHG emissions, but did not disclose its position.

Positioning on Energy Transition: Targa takes a negative position on the energy transition, appearing to support the long-term use of fossil fuels contrary to IPCC guidance. In a Sustainability Report published in October 2022, Targa upheld fossil gas as being important to tackling climate change on the basis that it is ‘low carbon’, but did not place clear conditions on the need for carbon capture and storage (CCS) or methane emission abatement. This line was consistently held across Targa’s media engagements, such as in a CEO letter published in February 2022, and in various investor presentations, the most recent of which were published in January 2023 and December 2022.

Industry Association Governance: Targa disclosed membership of a number of industry associations through its 2021 Sustainability Report, but failed to disclose any further details as to the type of membership and/or role held within these industry associations. The company has not published an audit of its industry association memberships and climate lobbying. Targa is a member of the American Petroleum Institute(API) which is actively and negatively engaged on climate policy.

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