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Sustainable Finance Lobbying Overview: Groupama appears to have limited engagement on sustainable finance policy, and has taken mixed positions where it has engaged.

Top-Line Messaging on Sustainable Finance Policy: In its 2022 ESG Climate Report, Groupama stated support for net zero by 2050. Groupama does not appear to have a transparent position on the need for financial sector reform, or for government regulation on sustainable finance.

Position on Regulated Corporate ESG Disclosure: In 2021, Groupama signed a joint investor statement supporting the mandatory implementation of the TCFD framework. Groupama Asset Management strongly supported the ISSB standards, which are likely to inform government policy on ESG disclosure, in a 2022 consultation response. However, in response to the European Commission’s consultation on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in 2022, Groupama Asset Management supported the policy with minor exceptions, including requesting further clarity on the materiality approach and sequencing of disclosure standards. Groupama responded to the same consultation with more significant exceptions, including suggesting more standards should be made sector specific and stating that many of the proposed disclosures were too granular.

Position on ESG Standards/Labels/Benchmarks: In a 2022 consultation response, Groupama supported the EU’s efforts to introduce quantitative thresholds for fund names using ESG or sustainability-related terms with minor exceptions, including raising concerns about the methodology and the definition of ‘ESG related’.

Position on Incorporating ESG Factors Into Investment Duties: In response to the ESA’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) consultation on investor ESG disclosure in 2020, Groupama Asset Management argued against the prescriptiveness of the proposed regulation and suggested a more flexible, principles-based approach. In a 2023 consultation response on the review of the SFDR, Groupama Asset Management highlighted the need for alignment between the CSRD and SFDR.

Transparency: On its website, Groupama has not disclosed any positions on sustainable finance policy. Groupama has listed most of its industry association memberships in its 2022 ESG Climate Report, but has not provided details on how these associations are engaging on sustainable finance policy.

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