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Sustainable Finance Lobbying Overview: The Charles Schwab Corporation (Charles Schwab) appears to have had little engagement with sustainable finance policy.

Top-line Messaging on Sustainable Finance Policy: Charles Schwab has recognized the risks climate shocks pose to the financial system, specifically municipal bond markets, but appears to support individual operational risk mitigation rather than systemic reforms. In its 2021 ESG Report, Charles Schwab mentions engaging with policymakers on ESG issues, but details of this engagement are unclear. Charles Schwab’s 2021 CDP climate change response states that it does not engage in activities to influence climate-related public policy.

Position on Regulated Corporate ESG Disclosure: Charles Schwab appears to have a broadly positive, but slightly unclear, position on regulated corporate ESG disclosure. In podcasts from 2021, Schwab researchers and strategists state support for the SEC’s efforts to mandate corporate ESG disclosures, but in a 2021 report Charles Schwab does not take a position on mandatory disclosure. Additionally, Schwab insights report from 2022 outlines commenters’ lines of argument in opposition to the SEC’s climate disclosure proposal including concerns about liability, cost, and the Commission’s legal authority to introduce the rule.

Position on ESG Labels/Standards/Benchmarks: In a 2021 podcast, Charles Schwab appeared to support the SEC’s efforts to establish standards for ESG products. At a SIFMA annual meeting in 2021, Charles Schwab CEO Walter Bettinger stopped short of calling for policy to standardize ESG, but emphasized the need to work toward a common definition. A 2022 insights report described SEC proposals to set standards for funds with ESG-related names and to require disclosures from certain investors about ESG practices, but did not take a clear position on either proposal. On an Investopedia podcast in May 2022, Schwab Head of ESG Strategy Malik Sievers expressed some general support for regulatory action to define ESG.

Industry Association Governance: Charles Schwab has listed some sustainable finance policies and regulatory actions it is monitoring but has disclosed little about desired outcomes and nothing about engagement activities. It has disclosed membership to trade associations but has not given details on board memberships, the sustainable finance policy positions of these associations, or actions taken to address misalignment.

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