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VCI opposes the proposed EU ETS reforms and supports expanding fossil fuel infrastructure

05 August 2022

The German chemical association VCI published a new position paper on EU climate laws on 12th July, criticizing the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) reforms and the planned phase out of free allocation of certificates, as well as not supporting absolute energy savings targets as part of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. Meanwhile, on 25th July, VCI emphasized in a tweet the importance of Germany becoming independent of Russian gas, supporting the role of LNG terminals and coal as means to do so.

Corporate Leaders Group calls for more ambitious EU climate policies

23 May 2022

On 11th May, ahead of the REPowerEU plan, Corporate Leaders Group (CLG) Europe published a joint letter that advocated for increased ambition on the Renewable Energy Directive, and advocated for increased ambition and action on the Energy Efficiency Directive and Energy Performance of Building Directives.

EU heavy industry groups called for less stringent cogeneration efficiency measures

09 March 2022

In a joint statement, published on 2nd March, energy-intensive associations including Eurofer, the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers and the Confederation of European Paper Industries advocated for less stringent measures for high-efficiency cogeneration (combined heat and power, CHP) in reforms to EU climate policy. The statement advocated against strong criteria for high-efficiency CHP in the Energy Efficiency Directive and was supportive of exemptions for high-efficiency CHP in the Energy Taxation Directive.

CEFIC supports the Energy Efficiency Directive, but with exceptions

17 November 2021

Cefic released a position paper detailing its position on the EU Commission’s proposed reform to the Energy Efficiency Directive, which supported the revision but with major exceptions. The association supported increased flexibilities for Member States to meet energy efficiency contributions, and opposed the exclusion of energy savings which could be achieved from the efficient use of fossil gas in contributing to Member States' energy savings obligations. Despite this, the group set out its support for energy efficiency legislation for buildings.

Eurogas and GD4S advocated on EU Energy Efficiency Directive with mixed positions

30 June 2022

In a 22nd June joint letter to the EU Council, industry associations including Eurogas and Gas Distributors for Sustainability (GD4S) called for the EU Energy Efficiency Directive revision to extend the energy savings obligation to include renewable and decarbonized gases in the residential heating sector.

ERT supports EU renewable energy and energy efficiency regulations

18 May 2022

In a 12th May statement, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT) communicated high-level support for the EU's Renewable Energy Directive and other renewable energy incentives, including power purchase agreements. In the same statement, ERT supported an acceleration of energy efficiency initiatives, and for a number of measures to strengthen the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive.

BusinessEurope has mixed position on EU climate legislations

03 December 2021

BusinessEurope released a position paper on the Fit for 55 package, which supported the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive with major exceptions regarding the implementation of binding targets and the inclusion of bioenergy. It did not support several reforms to the Energy Efficiency Directive as it was unsupportive of the increase in energy savings obligations and excluding the direct use of fossil fuels to achieve energy savings.

EnBW announces EU policy positions

04 November 2021

EnBW released a COP26 page on its corporate website discussing several elements of EU climate policy. The company stated support for the reforms made to the EU ETS, in particular suggesting waiting till after 2030 to integrate emissions trading systems for the buildings and road transport sectors.

However, the company appeared to advocate against increased ambition in the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, highlighting issues with the inclusion of new CHP high-efficiency criteria. Similarly, it supported a weakening of the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive, by suggesting the criteria for renewable hydrogen and bioenergy were too strong.

Finally, EnBW advocated for a greater role for fossil gas in EU policy. The company called for the weakening of the EU's taxonomy, particularly by including fossil gas for heating/cooling generation as a transitional activity. EnBW also suggested that the EU's Hydrogen and Gas Decarbonization Package applies too much pressure to transition away from fossil gas.

Eurofer supports weakening RED and EED

27 May 2022

In a position paper published on 19th May, Eurofer advocated to weaken the reform of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) by supporting the inclusion of recycled carbon fuels and advocating for more flexible additionality criteria. The association also did not support proposed GHG emission standards for cogeneration in the Energy Efficiency Directive reform.

BusinessEurope opposes EU energy efficiency legislation

24 March 2022

In a letter to the Chair of the EU Environment Council on 16th March, BusinessEurope opposed energy efficiency legislation (e.g. Energy Efficiency Directive), arguing against “formulating energy efficiency goals in terms of absolute reduction of energy consumption”, and suggesting that they should focus on optimizing energy intensity.

IFIEC appears unsupportive of EU energy regulations

26 November 2021

In a position paper on the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED), the International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers (IFIEC)advocated that the policy should be based on technology neutrality and supported including recycled carbon fuels in RED. The position paper also supported the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive with major exceptions as it stressed that low-carbon technologies use more energy than fossil fuels.

The German Chemical Industry (VCI) voices opposition to EU Energy Efficiency Target

22 September 2021

In a press release this week, the Director General of the VCI Wolfgang Große Entrup stated opposition to the EU’s Energy Efficiency Target, asserting that fossil free technologies use more energy than fossil fuels.