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Access LobbyMap's company and industry association profiles and metrics, and investigate regional, policy and sector-based climate policy engagement trends in real time by exploring the LobbyMap Platforms

Sustainable Finance Platform

This platform contains rankings and profiles for 80+ of the largest financial institutions in Europe and the US, along with their industry associations. Its focus is on their engagement with sustainable finance policy. The platform contains links to InfluenceMap reports relating to sustainable finance and "live lobbying updates" – the most significant lobbying developments on sustainable finance tracked by the LobbyMap team, updated on a weekly basis.

The CA100+ Investor Hub

The CA100+ Investor Hub contains LobbyMap’s profiles and metrics for the 166 target companies under the Climate Action 100+ investor initiative, a list that accounts for up to 80% of corporate industrial greenhouse gas emissions globally. The platform holds additional resources covering the companies’ key industry associations, assessments of their corporate lobbying reviews, and briefings on relevant shareholder resolutions.

Latest Reports

Airlines and European Climate Policy

July 2022

New research shows how legacy airlines are leading opposition to European climate policy, amidst a growing divide within the airline industry in their climate policy engagement.

The US Oil/Gas Industry and the War in Ukraine

May, 2022

This research details an active effort from the US oil and gas industry capitalize on the war in Ukraine to advocate for long-standing policy asks relating to the continued expansion of oil and gas. The research looks at the month following the invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February 2022. This ...

The Automotive Sector and Climate Change

May 2022

InfluenceMap's new interactive Automotive Climate Tool for the first time combines leading analysis of the automotive sector's climate policy engagement, with industry-standard IHS Markit data on automakers' zero-emissions vehicle production strategies.

Live Lobbying Updates

LobbyMap updates its assessment of companies and industry associations on a weekly basis. Lobbying updates provide key updates of how these organizations are attempting to influence climate-related policy debates in real-time.

FEPC Chairman supports additional procurement of LNG and the suspension of Japan's feed-in tariff

17 August 2022

In an interview with Nikkei Business on August 12, Kazuhiro Ikebe, chairman of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) and president of Kyushu Electric Power Co., suggested the temporary suspension of the feed-in tariff as a “measure to curb the rising cost of electricity.” He expressed support for continued Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) procurement from Sakhalin II while suggesting alternative measures to secure additional LNG, and although supporting renewables and nuclear, stated that thermal power is “also necessary to ensure a stable supply of electricity.”

Canadian Fuels Association supports Canada's Clean Fuels Regulation

17 August 2022

In multiple August 2022 Twitter posts, the Canadian Fuels Association appears to support Canada’s Clean Fuels Regulation because it encourages investments in low-carbon fuels for transportation.

US financial associations oppose the SEC's proposed ESG rules

17 August 2022

On August 16th, the Financial Times reported that the Investment Company Institute called for the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) proposed ESG fund names rule to be “discarded,” saying the proposal “inappropriately elevates the importance of a fund’s name.”

In August 12th comment letters to the SEC, the US Chamber outlined its opposition to proposed rules on ESG Fund Names and on Enhanced Disclosures by Investment Advisers and Investment Companies on ESG Investment Practices. The Chamber encouraged the Commission to withdraw and reconsider both rules.