LobbyMap Platforms

Access LobbyMap's company and industry association profiles and metrics, and investigate regional, policy and sector-based climate policy engagement trends in real time by exploring the LobbyMap Platforms

The CA100+ Investor Hub

The CA100+ Investor Hub contains LobbyMap’s profiles and metrics for the 166 target companies under the Climate Action 100+ investor initiative, a list that accounts for up to 80% of corporate industrial greenhouse gas emissions globally. The platform holds additional resources covering the companies’ key industry associations, assessments of their corporate lobbying reviews, and briefings on relevant shareholder resolutions.

Sustainable Finance Platform

This platform contains rankings and profiles for 80+ of the largest financial institutions in Europe and the US, along with their industry associations. Its focus is on their engagement with sustainable finance policy. The platform contains links to InfluenceMap reports relating to sustainable finance and "live lobbying updates" – the most significant lobbying developments on sustainable finance tracked by the LobbyMap team, updated on a weekly basis.

Latest Reports

US Heavy-Duty Transport & Climate Change

December 2022

New research finds that US truck manufacturers are actively lobbying to weaken and delay key US climate policies promoting zero-emission trucks, while simultaneously running PR campaigns that appear to promote the decarbonization of the sector.

Japanese Industry Groups and Climate Policy

November 2022

Heavy industry groups along with the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) dominate Japan's climate agenda. Their staunch opposition to policies like carbon taxation and continued advocacy for thermal fossil power is disconnected from their own support of the government's 2050 net zero target, an...

Fossil Fuels Climate Lobbying Update:
October 2022

November 2022

An overview of the corporate lobbying detected by InfluenceMap related to oil, fossil gas, and methane for the month of October 2022.

Live Lobbying Updates

LobbyMap updates its assessment of companies and industry associations on a weekly basis. Live lobbying updates provide key updates of how these organizations are attempting to influence climate-related policy debates in real-time.

​​EDF supports infrastructure likely including fossil gas in Andorra​

03 February 2023

​​In a 27th January press release, EDF promoted its energy transition initiatives in Andorra, however, it did not state a clear position on its definition of 'low-carbon energy' and promoted ‘cogeneration’ which likely includes fossil gas.​​

Industry groups advocate for the passage of the Safeguard Mechanism reforms

03 February 2023

​​News that the main opposition party will oppose Labor’s proposed reform of the Safeguard Mechanism appears to have not been welcomed by industry groups. In an Australian Financial Review article posted on January 31st, the Business Council of Australia CEO Jennifer Westacott stated that it still supported the reforms, as did Ai Group CEO Innes Willox who stated that it was in everyone’s interest for the reforms to pass. The CEO of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also stated that the legislation must pass ‘for the sake of certainty and the achievement of our emissions' reduction goals’​

BP states the need for fossil gas and oil investments for another 30 years

03 February 2023

​​On the 30th January 2023, BP released its Energy Outlook 2023. While it stated support for more policy ambition to facilitate the development of low carbon energy, it also stated that there is a need to continue oil and fossil gas investments for another 30 years. ​